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Electrical Equipment Inspection Information

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Proteus Electrical Conformity Remediation

Currently Certified Electrical Equipment Inspectors:

First Line ContactsEmailExtension
Poshka, Dennisposhka@bnl.gov2825
Alternate Contacts  
Boerner Jr, Albertaboerner@bnl.gov5990
Buda, Scottbuda@bnl.gov3914
Caruso, Michaelcaruso@bnl.gov4100
Chmiel, Robertchmiel@bnl.gov8141
Church, Randolphchurch@bnl.gov2736
Clay, Barretclay@bnl.gov7284
D'Alsace, Roydalsace@bnl.gov3973
Danneil, Christophercdanneil@bnl.gov8609
Davila, Peterdavila@bnl.gov7625
De Toll, Peterdetoll@bnl.gov4100
Durfee, Douglasddurfee@bnl.gov7625
Fulkerson, Michaelfulkerso@bnl.gov5194
Gallagher, Johnjgallagher@bnl.gov5770
Harder, David dharder@bnl.gov4978
McDonald, Thomastmcdonald@bnl.gov5046
Nielson, Charlesnielson@bnl.gov7749
Nintzel, Garynintzel@bnl.gov2576
Oliva, Jorgeoliva@bnl.gov7625
Papu, Joejpapu@bnl.gov7625
Pedersen, Kenpedersen@bnl.gov7578
Pharr, Leonardpharr@bnl.gov5046
Rambo, Waynerambo@bnl.gov2284
Ribaudo, Paul (NSLS-II)ribaudo@bnl.gov4572
Santana, Michaelsantana@bnl.gov2550
Seda, Thomasseda@bnl.gov7578
Singh, Boyziebsingh@bnl.gov5350
Zeitler, Edwardzeitler@bnl.gov2550
Zitvogel, Emilzitvogel@bnl.gov7703
Zuhoski Jr, Peterzuhoskip@bnl.gov4742

Don't know where to start, click here and here.

Inspection spreadsheet - Use this link to generate your list of equipment to inspect. **NOTE: Right-click the link and choose "Save Target As..." to save the file to your computer.

When you are ready to request an inspection, email the EEI Inspectors with the following information in the body of your email message:

  1. Requestor Name
  2. Telephone #
  3. Email Address
  4. Number of Pieces to Inspect
  5. Department (NSLS/NSLS-II)

Visit the following for more information:
NSLS NRTL Guidelines
Design and Installation of Electrical Equipment
Review and Approval of Electrical Equipment and Installations
BNL Checklist for Review and Approval of Electrical Equipment

If you require further information, please contact any of the above inspectors by email.