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NSLS Industrial Users' Program

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Courtesy of The New York Times, Noah Berger

The overall goal of the plan to enhance the NSLS facility's Industrial Users' Program is to encourage greater use of synchrotron tools by industry researchers, improve access to NSLS beamlines by industrial researchers, and facilitate research collaborations between industrial researchers and Photon Sciences staff, as well as researchers from university and government laboratories. The implementation of this plan will also involve modifications of the existing User Access Policy, including:

  • Proposal rating review criteria have been created to reflect the importance of technology development.
  • Dedicated proposal review panels (PRPs) for industrial proposals have been established.
  • Photon Sciences has worked with PRTs and Contributing Users to optimize the instrumentation at several beamlines for industrial users. These beamlines include:

If the work done by Industrial Users has a commercial impact but does not result in a publication, we request that the industrial user submit a corporate impact statement describing the value of the work completed at the NSLS facility. The corporate impact statements are important to justify the on-going optimization of beamline instrumentation for Industrial Users.

Read more about the Industrial User Enhancement Plan.

  • There are several modes of access as detailed in Section 1 of the User Access Policy. Most commonly, a General User (GU) applies for access by submitting a proposal, which is then peer reviewed. A proposal can be submitted for beam time in the next cycle (called a beam time request) or for the current cycle (a current cycle beam time request). Proposals can also be submitted for proprietary work.

    Proprietary research is charged at the full cost recovery rate of $113.50/hr, effective October 1, 2012. The rate is revised twice per year, usually October and April.

    Industrial users who are ready to apply for access to the BNL site, please follow these detailed directions. For questions regarding site access or proposal submission, please contact