General Lab Information

Beamline Simulation Data and Control Panel Displays

Beamline 0 is directly downstream of the linac and serves to transport the beam from the linac to any one of the three experimental beamlines. Beamline 0 is modeled using MAD. Shown below is a summary of the MAD simulation results.

beamline 0

This beam line currently serves the Plasma Acceleration, Current Filamentation Instability and Compton scattering experiments.  A summary of the MAD simulation results is shown below.

MAD input deck  |  Output of optical functions  |  Beamline control system panel (PDF)

beamline 1 output

ATF beamline 2 previously served the IFEL experiment, the SASE experiment and the High-Gain Harmonic-Generation experiment. It now serves the Plasma Wakefield Acceleration experiment. Beamline 2 is modeled using MAD, whose input deck may be found here. A summary of the MAD simulated optical functions for the PWFA experiment is shown below.

MAD input deck  |  Raw simulation output  |  Control system panel (PDF)

beamline 2