General Lab Information

BNL Mail Services

The BNL Mail Room handles all Intra-Laboratory mail that supports the business operations of BNL and the Brookhaven Area Office of the Department of Energy. The BNL Mail Room and the Upton Branch of the U.S. Post Office are located in Building 179.

Location: Hours of Operation:
Building 179, 2 Center Street Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (BNL Mail Room closes at 4:15 p.m.)
Telephone: (631) 344-2534 Saturday - Sunday: Closed
Fax: (631) 344-3000 Laboratory Holidays: Closed

BNL Mail Delivery Schedule

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BNL Mail Delivery

Intra-Office mail is for official business use only.

Mail will only be delivered to onsite, authorized mail stops. Requests for the establishment of additional authorized mail stops must be made in writing by a Department/Division Head, to the Manager of Guest Services Division.

The Mail Room personnel should be made aware of mail that is delivered to the incorrect mail stop. Department/Division administrators should send a memo to the Senior Communications Clerk, ext. 2534, Bldg. 179 requesting the mail stop be changed.

BNL Mail Operation

The mailroom is responsible for affixing postage to official mail only and may inspect any mail represented as official business. Outgoing personal mail having postage affixed should be deposited in the U.S. Post Office. All employees are requested to have personal mail addressed to them at their homes and not at the Laboratory. The Laboratory reserves the right to refuse to accept either advertising matter or personal mail addressed to employees at the Laboratory unless they reside on-site.

The Laboratory address is the home address for on-site residents only.

The U.S. Post Office in Building 179 has Post Office Boxes for rent to individuals and contractors desiring to receive mail at the Upton Post Office.

Official Laboratory U.S. mail will be forwarded by the least expensive appropriate class of mail unless designated otherwise by the sender. Postage of $15 or more on a single piece or $50 for volume mailing of multiple pieces, and all Express Mail require an ILR approving the expense and indicating the account to be charged. Call ext. 2534 for information on the most economic choice of class for mail service.

All official Laboratory mail must show the sender's name or office in the return address. Failure to do so may necessitate opening mail when some question arises on class of mail or when an ILR is required for the postage. Intra-Laboratory mail must show the sender's name or office on the surface containing the addressee's name. The Mail Room Supervisor has authority to open and inspect any mail represented as official business to determine consistency with Laboratory procedure. Mail, which does not confirm to Laboratory procedure, may be discarded if the sender is not identified.

Printed matter may be mailed through the mailroom since it is not considered tangible property.