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Cryogenics has a large roll here at BNL. RHIC's 25kw cryogenic system is one of the largest Helium refrigeration system in the world, and for that distinction, it takes up most of our man power. But there are other programs that need assistance from the Cryogenic System Group. From repairing a LN2 buggy to operating the RHIC refrigeration system, our cryogenic systems have become known for there safe & reliable operations.  Below are just a few of the projects we have contributed to in the past.

The RHIC Facility

The Cryogenic Control Room

Cryogenic Control Room

Most of the 1740 magnets were manufactured by the Northrop Grumman Corp. in Bethpage, Long Island. When operational the string of magnets need to to run at a temp. of 4.5k


The RHIC Refrigerator

Walkway in the compressor room

First Stage compressors

These are only 8 of the 20, 600hp compressors and 5 1200hp compressors that are used to compress the helium before sending it to the refrigerator.

Helium Storage tanks

These are only 13 of the 47 storage tanks used to hold the 3 million cuf of helium used in the RHIC cryogenic system.

1 of 6 Valve box's around the ring

A large heat exchanger at the ERL project.

The ERL Pumping system

Muon g-2 Storage Ring

g-2 ran from 1994 till 2000. Findings found deviated from the value predicted by the Standard Model.


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