eRHIC: high energy electron-ion collider


General features

  • Species: electrons colliding with protons, 3He or heavy ions (up to Au).
  • Energy ranges:
    • 5-21 GeV electrons
    • 50-250 GeV polarized protons or up to 100 GeV/u gold ions
  • Luminosities
    •  exceeding 1034 cm-2s-1 for e-p collisions
    •  exceeding 1032 cm-2s-1 for e-Au collisions
  • High polarization of electron, proton  and 3He beams.
  • Electron acceleration in a superconducting energy recovery electron linac.
  • Electron beam is used for collisions only on one pass (linac-ring collision scheme).
  • Multiple recirculations of electron beam are done by beam transport in two FFAG beamlines.
  • IR design with 10 mrad crossing angle and crab-crossing.


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