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The Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN)—a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility at Brookhaven National Laboratory—will host a day-long celebration on Wednesday, December 5, 2018, in recognition of its 10-year anniversary. It will feature talks by DOE, Laboratory, and CFN leadership. The event will feature hands-on nanoscience demonstrations, including of 3-D nanopatterning, transmission electron microscopy tomography, atomic force microscopy, and self-assembly of superhydrophobic (super-water-hating) surfaces, and more:

  • Guided tours showcasing instruments and capabilities available at the CFN, such as an advanced electron microscopy suite, atomic-scale surface imaging, and a nanofabrication facility
  • A display of the top-10 scientific achievements of the first 10 years of the CFN, with staff on hand to explain the science behind each one and answer questions
  • A panel discussion with CFN users
  • An art gallery featuring visualizations of real nanomaterial data collected at the CFN, including 3-D renderings and a virtual reality component
  • A gallery of this year's entries in the CFN annual image contest, with Brookhaven staff and guests having the opportunity to vote on their favorite images in two categories: scientific images and life at the CFN

Guests of Honor

Invited Speakers

Jim Gaughran

New York State Senator-Elect

Jim Murphy

Director of the Scientific User Facilities Division, DOE Basic Energy Sciences

CFN Proposal Writers

Doon Gibbs

Director, Brookhaven National Lab

Jim Misewich

Associate Lab Director for Energy and Photon Sciences

Ben Ocko

Senior Scientist, Photon Sciences

Rick Osgood

Former Associate Lab Director

Yimei Zhu

Senior Scientist and Group Leader, CMPMSD department

Key Building Project Personnel

Mike Schaeffer

Led the BNL building project

Ahmad Soueid

Architect from HDR who designed the CFN building

Key CFN Alumni

Jay Dickerson

Currently Chief Scientific Officer at Consumer Reports

Emilio Mendez

Current Department Director, Energy Science and Technology, former CFN Director

Eric Stach

Currently Professor at University of Pennsylvania, former Electron Microscopy group leader

Judy Thompson

Senior Admin during Jumpstart and CFN beginnings

Key Jumpstart People

Don Elliott

Instrumentation Division

Arnie Moodenbaugh

Former Condensed Matter Phyics scientist

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CFN decade group photo