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Safety Information

Please remember that all laboratory work must be covered by an applicable Experimental
Safety Review, Work Permit, or Work Planning procedure.

Group Safety E-mail Phone Bldg./Room
Fran Loeb 631-344-2092/3537 1-108
CMPMSD ES&H Coordinator
Sean Hannifin 631-344-4585 Bldg 734
Rm. 189
CMPMSD Training Coordinator
Kim Mohanty 631-344-4402 Bldg. 734
Safety and Health Representative
Mary Chuc 631-344-7153 Bldg. 120
Facility Support Representative
Nicholas Contos 631-344-3864
Bldg. 830
Building Manager
Artie Piper 631-344-2281 Bldg. 735
Basic Energy Sciences      
EMS/OHSAS Representative
Robert Sabatini 631-344-3509 Bldg. 735
Environmental Compliance Rep.
Frank Craner 631-344-2905 Bldg. 911A

Chemical and Materials Safety

Materials Safety Data Sheets (now Safety Data Sheets) - MSDS
Chemical Management System - CMS
Transportation of Hazardous Materials
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Useful Links

Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Science Operational Plan
Laboratory links to Environment, Safety, and Health
ESH&Q Training Information