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Laboratory for Biomolecular Structure

COVID-19 Information for Facility Users

BNL COVID-19 vaccination and face covering policies

COVID-19 controls depend upon the CDC Community Level Designation. In a CDC Community Level Designation of LOW, face coverings are optional on site. If the Community Levels transitions to MEDIUM or HIGH, COVID-19 controls at BNL change (which include face coverings and COVID-19 testing). Please refer to the Brookhaven Lab Resumption of Operations website for further guidance.

We also strongly encourage users to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination series to best protect themselves, their families, and those with whom they work. Please continue to monitor your personal health status and be aware of symptoms that are not usual for you. If you have symptoms, please postpone your visit to Brookhaven until you feel well.

BNL Guest Appointments

A reminder that all users participating in experiments at LBMS must have a guest appointment. This includes on-site users, remote users, and users mailing samples to LBMS staff. New users or users with expiring appointments should register online at the BNL Guest User Visitor (GUV) website.


All onsite users must complete the 3 required online training courses prior to coming onsite at BNL. For remote users, only 2 training courses are required. You can refer to the LBMS User Guide for details and access to all training modules.

To check the status of your training, go to the BNL training website and select the "Training History" tab and ensure that all required courses are completed and not expired. If you were previously a remote user at LBMS and you’re now coming onsite, note that the “Current Status” tab may not reflect the additional training courses needed for onsite access.

Arrival Onsite at BNL

For the first visit every cycle, on-site users must arrive at BNL Monday through Friday (and not a holiday) between 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM and check in at the Guest, User, Visitor (GUV) Center in Bldg 400 to confirm your appointment status and encode your LBMS access card. If you MUST arrive outside of these hours, please email the LBMS User Office at least 1 week in advance to make arrangements.

Onsite Accommodations

You will need a valid BNL appointment prior to reserving onsite housing. If you need to arrange onsite housing accommodations, please visit the BNL housing website.

COVID-19 Research Support

The U.S. Department of Energy Basic Energy Sciences light sources want to ensure they are doing everything possible to enable research related to the Coronavirus pandemic. LBMS is offering a streamlined and expedited rapid access proposal process for groups that require EM time for projects directly related to COVID-19.

  • LBMS: The new Laboratory for Biomolecular Structure is now open for cryo electron microscopy projects.
  • CBMS: For structural biology projects, Center for Biomolecular Structure team is supporting remote macromolecular crystallography experiments at the AMX and FMX beamlines as well as solution scattering experiments at the LiX beamline.
  • DOE Resources: To see a complete list of DOE structural biology resources for COVID-19 research, visit this portal.
  • Submit a Proposal: Follow this link to submit a proposal for any project related to COVID-19.