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The Safety & Health Services Division (SHSD) provides subject matter expertise and services in industrial hygiene, safety engineering, and safety & health programs for the Lab.

Groups and Services

  • Industrial Hygiene, Robert Selvey, Group Manager, (631) 344-3066
    Provides site level health and safety programs via Subject Matter Experts and support line organization implementation of those programs through field sampling & analysis personnel and other support services.  Services include the IH laboratory for sample analysis,respirator and hearing device fit testing and the Chemical Management System. 
  • Safety Engineering Group, Jack Ellerkamp Group Manager, (631) 344-7493
    Provides a wide range of subject matter expertise for accident and injury prevention at BNL.
  • Safety & Health Field Services, Firoza Zanoni, Group Manager, (631) 344-4532
    Environment, Safety & Health Representatives and Safety & Health Representatives provide safety and health field services to scientific and operations organizations throughout the Lab. They hold a key role in controlling occupational risk and providing technical resources on matters of health and safety. Communicate technical information to all levels of workers from senior management, engineers, researchers, and tradesmen. The Representatives assess hazards and determine controls in diverse work environments.