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The Safety & Health Services Division (SHSD) provides subject matter expertise and services in industrial hygiene, safety engineering, and safety & health programs for the Lab.

Groups and Services

  • Safety Engineering Group, Jack Ellerkamp Manager, (631) 344-7493
    Provides a wide range of subject matter expertise for accident and injury prevention at BNL.
  • Environment, Safety & Health Representatives, Wai-Lin Litzke, Group Leader, (631) 344-7153
    Communicate technical information to all levels of workers from senior management, engineers, researchers, and tradesmen. The Representatives assess hazards and determine controls in diverse work environments.
  • Safety & Health Field Services, John Peters, Group Manager, (631) 344-7475
    Provide safety and health field services to scientific and operations organizations throughout the Lab. The Safety & Health Field Representatives hold a key role in controlling occupational risk and providing technical resources on matters of health and safety.
  • Industrial Hygiene, Robert Selvey, Group Manager, (631) 344-3066
    Provides site level health and safety programs via Subject Matter Experts and support line organization implementation of those programs through field sampling & analysis personnel and other support services.

Safety & Health Subject Matter Experts (SME)