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Steps to Complete Before Arrival

All guests must address the following items prior to arrival at Brookhaven Lab.


Register in the Guest Information System (GIS)

Brookhaven supports a web-based guest registration system. Individuals wishing to come to Brookhaven should complete the information requested, and submit it to Brookhaven at least 10 days in advance of a visit. Guests are asked to pay close attention to the e-mail instructions provided after registration and after arrival notification are completed. Registration details.


If you are a contractor, skip this page and follow these instructions instead.

Guests less than 18 years of age (minors)

Individuals less than 18 years of age are required to have parent/guardian permission to work at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The forms required will be completed by BNL staff and submitted to the minor upon completion of a guest registration form. It is BNL policy that minors are not to be exposed to hazardous situations while involved in BNL activities.


Establish a User Agreement 

Guests and users conducting hands-on research at BNL require an agreement be in place before research can be conducted. The type of agreement that is applicable depends on the work being conducted, where the work is being done, and who is sponsoring the research. Some agreements are institutionally-based and must be in place prior to arrival to BNL and others are can be signed by the individual upon check-in. Details on establishing an agreement.


Review Commitments and Expectations Statement

All guests and users will be required to sign, upon check in, a two-page document outlining BNL’s commitments to guests as well as BNL’s expectations of guests. It's recommend that you review the BNL Commitments and Expectations Statement (PDF) prior to arrival so that you are familiar with it. Guests who are conducting research should familiarize themselves with the information contained in the Guidebook for Guests Conducting Research (PDF).


Arrange for Shipping

If you plan to bring equipment or other materials needed to support an experiment, arrange for shipping.


Open a Project Account

Prior to commencement of work, all non-federal users/customers are required to provide an advance payment by check, wire, or credit card dependent on the size and duration of the work. How to open an account with Brookhaven.


Complete Training

All guests and facility users are required to complete training commensurate with the work that is to be performed, potential hazards that may be encountered, and the locations to be accessed. If you have a valid Guest Number, most training can be taken on-line prior to arrival at Brookhaven. Details on training.


Submit Arrival Notification Form

It is appreciated if all guests notify Brookhaven of their actual arrival date at Brookhaven Lab. Guests can do this on Guest Central, an online resource which provides information about your appointment, training, and more. Details about Guest Central.


Make a Housing Reservation

Please refer to the Laboratory's Housing Office for on-site accommodation options, off-site options, and local hotel information.


Make Transportation Arrangements 

No public transportation is available in the area surrounding Brookhaven. Brookhaven Lab offers various options to help you get to where you need to be. Options include renting a car, on-site shuttling services, Ronkonkoma Train pick up and drop offs and more! Please visit Transportation Services for more information.


Personal Electrical Equipment Inspections

If you are planning to bring your own electrical equipment and connecting it to a source of electrical power while on the BNL site, please review the criteria guide here and visit this link  for more information.