General Lab Information

Employer Assisted Housing Program

The Employer Assisted Housing Program (EAHP) provides eligible BSA/BNL employees with monetary assistance to purchase a home on Long Island.

The Benefit

Brookhaven Science Associates LLC (BSA) / BNL is partnered with the Long Island Housing Partnership, Inc. (LIHP) to assist qualified employees by providing financial assistance and housing counseling as part of its Employer Assisted Housing Program (EAHP)  

LIHP/EAHP financial assistance funds are a grant with no expectation of repayment as long as you fulfill the terms of the grant you receive. The requirements mandate that you stay at the purchased residence for a term of 5-10 years dependent on the program you qualify for. At that time, the grant will be forgiven. Early departure from the residence will require repayment of a portion or all of the grant funding.

BSA/BNL employees who successfully complete the LIHP/EAHP program requirements and are approved and receive grant monies through this program, are eligible to receive an additional contribution of up to $5,000 net, from BSA/BNL, in down payment assistance to purchase a primary new or pre-existing single-family residence, condos, co-ops or manufactured residence in Suffolk County or Nassau County.

Some individuals will require more time than others to meet the requirements of Long Island Housing Partnership. Therefore, to be fair to all participants, all contributions by BSA/BNL will be on a “first to close on a home” basis.

How to Initiate the EAHP Application Process

Request a copy of the most recent LIHP Employer Assisted Housing Program Guidelines (Program Guidelines) and the BNL Employer Assisted Housing Program Application Form from Christina Australie at If you believe you are eligible according to the Program Guidelines fill out and return the BNL application form to Christina Australie via email. Once received, BSA/BNL will notify the LIHP of your eligibility to participate in the EAHP and you will be contacted directly by the LIHP to begin the application process .

Who's Eligible

All full-time employees of BSA/BNL are eligible for the LIHP Employer Assisted Housing Program benefits. If you and your spouse are both employed by BSA/BNL, only one employee can use the LIHP Employer Assisted Housing Benefits.

NOTE: Term/Temporary positions are not eligible. The program is not restricted to first-time home buyers, but you are ineligible if you currently own a home. BSA/BNL’s $5000 net contribution cannot be combined with any other program the LIHP administers; BSA/BNL’s contribution can only be combined with the LIHP/EAHP program.

It is strongly recommended that you review the LIHP Employer Assisted Housing Guidelines to determine if you meet their requirements. For further information, you can also contact the Long Island Housing Partnership directly at (631) 435-4710.

In order to apply for this benefit you must meet the following criteria, in addition to any other requirements as set by the LIHP:

  1. Be a household that is purchasing a house within Suffolk County or Nassau County.
  2. Provide tax returns for the last three (3) years and four (4) months’ worth of consecutive pay stubs evidencing year-to-date gross earnings for applicant(s).
  3. Be a family or individual that will occupy the property as their principal residence.
  4. The EAHP requires the applicant to put $3,000 of their own funds into the transaction and at least 3% of the purchase price towards the down payment.
  5. Applicants must “NOT” have entered into a contract to purchase a home prior to participation in the EAHP Program.
  6. Applicants must have an annual income meeting the income requirements for the categories listed in the Program Guidelines.
  7. Attend an individual mortgage counseling session and group rehab session through the LIHP, before you look for a home.
  8. Have adequate financial resources and credit to qualify for a mortgage from a recognized lending institution with a debt-to-income ratio of 45% or less.
  9. Each applicant must be either a U.S. Citizen or a Qualified Alien, as defined at 8 USC 1641.
  10. Meet all other Program Guidelines as defined by each appropriate funding source.