General Lab Information

Phased Retirement Program

BSA's Phased Retirement Program is a formal program that includes a written agreement between BSA and the individual, whereby the individual is transferred into a part-time position detailing the terms of employment and the expectations/deliverables of the work to be performed.

The Program

Brookhaven Science Associates recognizes that individuals, having made meaningful contributions to Brookhaven National Laboratory over their careers, may desire to avoid an abrupt transition into retirement and to experience a more gradual departure, retaining a meaningful connection to the Laboratory on a schedule that decreases their hours over time, permitting them to mentor employees, transfer knowledge and skills, or bring ongoing activities to conclusion. Such transfer of knowledge, which can be accomplished through a Phased Retirement program, is advantageous to BSA by facilitating management of the workforce and promoting knowledge transfer practices, thereby better accomplishing the Lab's mission.


To be eligible to participate in the Phased Retirement Program:

  1. The BNL Department/Division must have an organizational need for the particular work to be completed.
  2. The BNL Department/Division must have available the amount of funding needed to support the employee for a one-year term.
  3. The employee must be eligible for BSA retirement based on attainment of age 62 and 10 years of Continuous Service as defined in the BSA Medical Plan immediately prior to retirement.

Members of the Bargaining Units are not eligible for the Phased Retirement Program. BSA management maintains the discretion to apply the criteria presented above on a case-by-case basis for any exceptions that may be requested.

Phased Retirement Option

Non-exempt Employee
Scientific Advisor or Staff Advisor for non-scientific staff

The employee transfers to a position as a BSA Scientific Advisor for a one-year, renewable term appointment, with salary specified in the Phased Retirement Policy*. The employee is eligible for overtime pay. Any work in excess of 40 hours per week will be eligible for overtime. The number of hours to be worked will be determined by and subject to approval by management. The maximum number of hours is 936 per year.

All Phased Retirement arrangements are subject to approval by the Dept. Chair/Div. Manager, Associate Laboratory Director (ALD)/Staff Office Director and the Business Operations manager (BOM) and, at the option of BSA, can be terminated during the year based on funding.

Individuals on Emeritus status will not be required to relinquish this status but will be designated in the HRIS as Scientific Advisor until participation in the Phased Retirement Program ends.

BSA employee benefit programs will end for individuals on Phased Retirement. The Phased Retiree may be eligible to extend certain benefits though COBRA or the BSA medical program for retirees.

Other Options (not part of Phased Retirement)

Scheduled Transition
Full-time to Part-time Retirement

The employee will enter into an agreement to transition to retirement over a period of years. The employee will maintain his/her current title and classification and will reduce hours of work on a schedule (e.g., 85% FTE, 65% FTW, 50% FTE) over a three-year period.

Transition to Term Appointment

The employee's status, salary, and role/title can be changed via mutual agreement between the employee and BSA. Specifically, such a change in status might involve transfer of the employee from continuing employment to a term appointment. The term appointment can be for one to three years and is renewable.

Retirement Followed by Rehire on Term Appointment

In order to meet programmatic needs, BSA may rehire a retiree on a term appointment for up to one year at a pay rate equal to or lower than the rate he/she was being paid as employee.

For additional information on these Other Options, contact your Human Resources Representative. These options can be terminated during the year based on available funding.

if the employee maintains a work schedule of 50% FTE or more, they will continue to receive the BSA employee benefits to which they are eligible. BSA employee benefit programs will end for employees whose work schedule is reduced below 50% FTE.

*The following categories of individuals who meet the eligibility criteria and have separated from BSA employment may be rehired under these options including (1) retirees, (2) individuals on Emeritus status, and (3) individuals who were terminated as part of a reduction-in-force (after a one-year period from their last day of employment).

How to Apply

If you're interested in Phased Retirement or one of the other available options, discuss this with your manager to determine the viability based on organizational needs and available funding.

Then, if a viable option has been identified, complete a Phased Retirement Application including the expectations and deliverables of the work, the proposed work schedule, and the start and end dates for participation in the Phased Retirement Program. Contact your Human Resources Manager for the Application.

See the complete Phased Retirement Policy (PDF) for full details.

Completing your timecard

Record your hours worked, as you normally do. Non-exempt individuals are eligible for overtime if they work more than 40 hours in a week, but this must be pre-approved by his/her supervisor. Under no conditions can a non-exempt individual work more than 936 hours per year, and it is the responsibility of the individual and their supervisor to carefully monitor this. If the 936 hours maximum is reached prior to the end of the year, then the person can no longer work until a new agreement (at the start of a new year) is submitted and approved.

Taking time off

If your supervisor approves time off from your position, contact your HRM to complete a Leave of Absence (LOA) form, at least two weeks in advance of such time off. Then there will be no time recorded on your timecard for the period of the LOA.

Retirement plan benefits

You do not have to begin receiving your BSA Retirement Plan or BSA 401(k) Plan benefits when you begin participation in the Phased Retirement program.

Beginning and ending the phased retirement position

You must report to BNL according to the agreed-upon schedule with your supervisor on your start date in the Phased Retirement program. If you want to take time off before your first day in the Phased Retirement program, you must be approved for a LOA (see Question 2). You must not start the position until you are ready to work. You can, however, arrange for a LOA after beginning work in the Phased Retirement program if approved by your supervisor (see Question 2).

Early termination of a phased retirement position

You can terminate your participation in the Phased Retirement program early if you decide you no longer want to work for the remainder of the one-year year term appointment You should discuss with your supervisor your intention to terminate from the program before the end of your one-year term appointment to ensure that any remaining work is completed and able to be transitioned to another individual, if applicable. Then you must send an email to HR Records with a copy to your supervisor, department chair/division manager, and your Human Resources Manager (HRM), indicating the date you will end participation in the Phased Retirement program.