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COVID-19 Information for Facility Users

Brookhaven Lab and NSLS-II Status

Brookhaven Lab is currently operating in Phase 2, “Expansion of Limited Operations,” which began on July 6th. The Lab is gradually bringing staff back onsite, consistent with federal, state, and local guidance. The most up-to-date details on the Lab’s status can be found on the Laboratory's Resumption of Operations website.

For the summer (2020-2) cycle, NSLS-II is supporting limited remote user operations only. No onsite users are permitted at the beamlines at this time. This includes users local to the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, CT) and Brookhaven Lab staff that are not NSLS-II staff. Beamline staff are currently reaching out to users whose experiments qualify for remote/mail-in operations.

Changes to Beamtime Scheduling and Allocation

COVID-19 Research Support at NSLS-II

The U.S. Department of Energy Basic Energy Sciences light sources want to ensure they are doing everything possible to enable research related to the Coronavirus pandemic. NSLS-II is offering a streamlined and expedited rapid access proposal process for groups that require beam time for projects directly related to COVID-19.


For structural biology projects, the Center for Biomolecular Structure team is supporting remote macromolecular crystallography experiments at  the AMX and FMX beamlines as well as solution scattering experiments at the LiX beamline.


The new Laboratory for Biomolecular Structure is now open for cryo electron microscopy projects.

DOE Resources

To see a complete list of DOE structural biology resources for COVID-19 research, visit this portal.

Submit a Proposal

Submit a proposal for any projects related to COVID-19.