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NSLS-II User Guide

Photo of NSLS-II CSX beamline

Proposal Scoring

General User Proposal Cutoff Scores and Beamline Subscription Rates

All NSLS-II proposals are scored on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the best. Beam time is allocated based on a proposal's score compared to all other proposals for a given beamline in a given cycle. Proposals receiving a rating greater than 4 are automatically expired and no beam time request may be submitted for that proposal in a future cycle.

If a proposal did not receive beam time in a given cycle, the score of the proposal is improved, or “aged,” by 0.2 points. The proposal will retain this aged score until it either (1) receives beam time, or (2) expires.  Once an aged proposal is allocated beam time, the score reverts to its original value. A proposal cannot be aged more than once.

Proposal Cutoff Score

Beamline Subscription Rate