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April 2010

Scientists Get Funding to Design Anti-Botulism Drugs

Scientists at Brookhaven Lab, in collaboration with researchers at Stony Brook University, are selected to receive up to $1.4 million in applied research funds from the Department of Defense Threat Reduction Agency to develop drugs that block the paralytic and deadly effects of botulinum neurotoxins.

NSLS Featured in PBS Documentary

Figure 2

PBS affiliates across the country start airing a one-hour documentary on the trials and tribulations faced by aspiring scientists, filmed in part at NSLS. Recorded over three years, “Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist” follows a group of Columbia University student researchers as they study a protein that could reveal a new path toward the treatment of diabetes and obesity.

Take Our Children to Work Day Highlights the Wonders of Food

Figure 2

A group of nearly 50 children of Photon Sciences Directorate employees learn about the science — and fun — of food during national “Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.” The crowd pleaser was a Mentos-soda experiment, which created a powerful and sticky geyser more than five feet tall.