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June 2010

New Tools for NSLS-II

The U.S. Department of Energy grants CD-0 (approval of mission need) for a Major Item of Equipment Project known as “NSLS-II Experimental Tools,” or NEXT. The NEXT Project will design and construct 5-6 beamlines, and CD-0 authorized the start of their conceptual design.

Light Sources Employees Honored with Prestigious BNL Awards

Figure 1 Figure 2

Five Light Sources Directorate employees are selected as recipients of Brookhaven's highest accolades. The awards, given to 15 BNLers lab wide, were received by Andrew Ackerman, Nathalie Bouet, Ray Conley, Thomas Nehring, and Charles Spataro.

Summer Student Invasion

More than 40 college students and professors arrive at Brookhaven to spend their summer at NSLS and NSLS-II. The students worked with staff in areas ranging from the study of Alzheimer's disease to the development of new software and instrumentation.

NSLS-II Call for Beamline Development Proposals Gets Huge Response

A remarkable 54 NSLS-II beamline development proposals are submitted by nearly 700 proposal team members from around the world. Each proposal was reviewed first by one of seven Science Advisory Committee (SAC) Study Panels and then by the full SAC. More than half — 34 — were approved.