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By Kendra Snyder

New Annual Report, New Website

The Photon Sciences Directorate is now represented in new online "products" - the 2010 Annual Report and the Photon Sciences website.

Replacing the NSLS Activity Report, the Photon Sciences annual report describes activities across the entire directorate, with information subdivided into the following sections:

  • Reflections on the Year
  • Science Highlights
  • Year in Review
  • Facilities
  • Accelerator
  • Beamlines (including the NSLS beamline guide previously contained in the NSLS activity reports)
  • Safety
  • People

Highlights of the annual report are contained in a printed companion piece, which is available from Photon Sciences admin staff.

The companion piece and the full annual report, both available online in PDF format, were edited by science writer Kendra Snyder, who splits her time between the Media and Communications Office and the Photon Sciences Directorate, and designed by Tiffany Bowman, Graphic Design. The online version of the full report was created by Web Services, managed by Gary Schroeder.

Schroeder's team also designed the new Photon Sciences website, where you will find familiar content as well as new materials. In the few weeks since the website went live on May 20, new features have already appeared, including a link to the directorate's intranet (look for padlock on horizontal navigation bar below blue banner).

The separate NSLS website is still accessible because it contains a tremendous amount of content that is not yet available through the new Photon Sciences website. The NSLS-II website was taken down when all its content was transferred to the Photon Sciences website.

All feedback is welcome on the annual report or the new website.

Please email any questions or comments to Mona Rowe.

2011-2432  |  INT/EXT  |  Media & Communications Office


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