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Kids Make Magic at NSLS

“Magic Moves!” That’s the title postdoc Karen Chen gave to the “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work” program at NSLS on April 26.

The 22 youngsters who participated in the morning activities were quickly immersed in the magic of science by making lava lamps (moving bubbles – chemical reactions), watching colors run on the surface of milk (moving colors – surface tension) and experimenting with fruit batteries (moving charges – energy). They even varied their experiments, collected data and compared numbers with each other.

Chen had help from volunteers, who reported that their charges were enthusiastic about the morning, capped by a demonstration of making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Everyone had to test the product, of course!

NSLS normally hosts double the number of kids that signed up for the April 26 program. But a mandatory New York State math assessment cut deeply into the registration, so the program was opened beyond the Photon Sciences Directorate to children from across the Lab who were taking part in the afternoon activities organized by Human Resources.

Here is the list of volunteers in Photon Sciences:

  • Alvin Acerbo
  • Andrew Ackerman
  • Karen Chen
  • Andrei Fluerasu
  • Paul Gelfand
  • Bob Kiss
  • Li Li
  • Luxi Li
  • Yimin Mao
  • Corinne Messana
  • Mona Rowe
  • Randy Smith
  • Eli Stavitski
  • Lori Stiegler
  • George Sterbinsky
  • Lutz Wiegart
  • Nancye Wright
  • Xiaoxiang Xi

Mona S. Rowe

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