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The bright lights and colorful panels, the cool gadgets, the engaging smiles. What would a meeting be without vendors?

According to Nancye Wright, 
Exhibitor Chair of the 
2012 NSLS/CFN Joint Users’ Meeting, 54 vendors (a record number!) will be displaying their products and explaining the services they provide at the annual meeting, May 21-23.

“We encourage users and BNL technical staff to visit the vendors,” said Wright. “This is a great opportunity to see first-hand what a company offers and talk to a rep about specific needs.” She also highlighted two special networking sessions on Tuesday, May 22, when all Lab employees can interact with vendors.

Echoing Wright, Doug Brunner of 
Pascal Technologies said his company has been coming to this event for many years and has found it to be “very useful in meeting with new and existing customers.”

A vacuum systems engineer, Brunner described Pascal as representing various vacuum-related companies. He added, “Pascal offers individual components to complete customized systems – pumps, gauging, electrical feedthroughs, leak detectors, valves, power supplies, hardware and many other devices specified to fit the application.” Brunner has been serving the Lab for 12 years, working with NSLS, NSLS-II, CFN, RHIC and most other departments on site.

Jim Primm is another vendor who has been coming the NSLS/CFN Users’ Meeting for 12 years. Primm represents Agilent Technologies – Vacuum Products Division. Agilent has been supplying high-end vacuum components required for vacuum generation to the research community since the late 1940s, said Primm.

Agilent is the NSLS-II supplier for ion pump controllers, titanium sublimation pumps, TSP controllers and UHV all-metal valves. “NSLS-II is on the cutting edge of light-source technology, and Agilent is very excited about being a partner with NSLS-II for years to come,” said Primm.

He recounted that in 2006, at the NSLS/CFN Users’ Meeting, Agilent (then Varian Vacuum Technologies) first discussed preliminary requirements of the NSLS-II vacuum system design.

Pointing to a map of the table locations for all 54 vendors, Wright said that the connections made at this meeting benefit both the companies and the research community at large.

She adds, “Because of the vendors and their sponsorships, NSLS and CFN are able to offer a pleasant and comfortable experience during this joint users’ meeting for the two facilities.”

Mona S. Rowe

2012-3076  |  INT/EXT  |  Media & Communications Office


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