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Experimental Controls and Data Acquisition Program

As a large research facility, NSLS-II faces the challenge of monitoring and controlling a vast amount of equipment that is needed for the daily operations of its electron accelerator and beamlines, which combine light transport lines and experimental setups. The Control and Data Acquisition Program, known as Controls, is involved in all aspects of the facility’s operations, from moving motors to collecting and storing data.

The Controls Program consists of multiple groups with specialized functions that meet the technical and software needs of NSLS-II. The program teams develop and implement fault finds, manage various hardware, and develop specialized software.

Beamline Controls

Zhijian Yin, Ext. 5525

The beamline controls group implements and supports various basic motion, assorted optical devices, and the human interface at all NSLS-II beamlines. This includes equipment protection, motor controls, vacuum monitoring, some of the detector support, and a host of very specialized controls for many devices unique to each experimental beamline.

Motion & Equipment Protection Systems

Richard Farnsworth, Ext. 3794

The motion and equipment protection systems (EPS) group offers expert support for all equipment protection systems and all insertion device motion controllers.

Accelerator Controls

Yuke Tian, Ext. 2872

The accelerator controls group is an engineering group devoted to providing support, development, and troubleshooting for the reliable operation, enhancements, and upgrades for the NSLS-II accelerator systems.

Data Acquisition, Management and Analysis

Stuart Campbell, Ext. 5578

The data acquisition, management, and analysis (DAMA) group develops and supports NSLS-II’s data acquisition, management, and analysis software across all beamlines.

IT Infrastructure

Robert Petkus, Ext. 3258

The information and communications technology group provides specialized IT and network services for NSLS-II accelerators system and all beamlines.

For additional information about BlueSky, NSLS-II's data acquisition and management software, refer to the BlueSky documentation.