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Industrial Collaborators

The National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) and its future successor, NSLS-II, can help companies large and small solve research and manufacturing problems, generate new technologies and products, and stay competitive. The Photon Sciences Directorate would like to encourage greater use of its facilities by industrial researchers and facilitate collaborations between industry and NSLS staff, as well as government and academic institutions.

Accessing NSLS

NSLS strongly advises industrial users to first consult with the Industrial Program Coordinator, Jun Wang ( or 631-344-2661), before beginning the beam time application process. She will discuss your proposed research with you, guiding you to the most appropriate beamline and synchrotron research technique.

From there, you will be contacted by the beamline staff at your target beamline. They will work with you to develop the best possible beam time proposal, which you will need to formally apply for beam time. For new users, it is often beneficial to start your NSLS experience by collaborating with seasoned users. Dr. Wang can help establish these collaborations.

Whether you decide to consult with the Industrial Program Coordinator or apply for beam time on your own, accessing NSLS involves a series of steps, including registration, training, and formally submitting a proposal and request for beamtime.

To become a user, start at the NSLS User Access page. The steps are laid out here, directing you to various NSLS and BNL web pages to complete different tasks. Read each page carefully.

User Access Help

For complete details regarding user access, refer to the User Access Policy (.pdf) or contact the User Administration office at or 631-344-8737.