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Industrial Collaborators

The National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) and its future successor, NSLS-II, can help companies large and small solve research and manufacturing problems, generate new technologies and products, and stay competitive. The Photon Sciences Directorate would like to encourage greater use of its facilities by industrial researchers and facilitate collaborations between industry and NSLS staff, as well as government and academic institutions.

Proprietary Research Information

At NSLS, proprietary research is work conducted under a Class Waiver for Proprietary Users of Energy Research Designated Facilities. Such research may be conducted by private individuals, representatives from educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, or industry.

Under the terms of the waiver, the user is obligated to pay the full-cost recovery rate for NSLS usage, which is $116.23 per hour as of May 1, 2011. This rate is revised twice per year, usually October and April. In return, the user has the option to take title to any inventions made during the proprietary research program and to treat as proprietary all technical data generated during the proprietary research program.

Special procedures are in place for proprietary research and must be adhered to prior to performing any proprietary experiment at NSLS.

The PASS system, used to handle user access and proposals (see accessing NSLS)), also handles proprietary research proposals. Once in the system, potential users will be required to fill out a proprietary form.

Proprietary proposals submitted under the General User Program are awarded beamtime in the same manner as non-proprietary proposals, except that scheduling takes place directly between the principal investigator and the beamline staff.

In additional to the general user program, several Participating Research Teams (PRTs) include industrial outreach activities as part of their research program. For more information, contact the Industrial Program Coordinator, Jun Wang ( or 631-344-2661).

For the NSLS proprietary research policy, see pages 4 and 5 of the User Access Policy (.pdf).