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  • Spectra Tech Irus FTIR microscope modified for far-IR
  • Frequency Range (cm-1): 50 to >650
  • Spectral resolution (cm-1): 4.0, 8.0, 16.0, 32.0
  • Spatial resolution: diffraction-limit (i.e. approximately twice the wavelength)
  • Brightness (compared to a black body): 100x to 1000x
  • Beamline angular acceptance: (milliradians): 40H x 40V

Optical Configuration

A two-mirror system (M1 and M2) collects and re-images the synchrotron infrared source at a point just outside of the storage ring's UHV. M1 is a water-cooled plane mirror made from silicon with a gold reflective coating. M2 is a glass ellipsoid with an aluminum reflective coating. The ellipsoidal mirror focuses the beam through an 11mm clear aperture wedged diamond window (~350 microns thick). Delivered spectral range extends from approximately 20 cm-1 to beyond 40,000 cm-1. The infrared is then collimated to a diameter of 14 mm and transported under rough vacuum through either a CsI or polyethylene window and into the nitrogen-purged, Spectra Tech Irus endstation.

Experimental Apparatus

Spectra Tech Irus IR microscope equipped with both 15X (0.57NA) and 32x (0.65NA) infrared objectives, 10X (0.71NA) condenser, Si beamsplitter, and choice of MCT, Ge:Cu, or bolometer detector. Automated X-Y scanning stage for spectroscopic mapping. Includes video image capture of sample specimen. Minimum step size of 1 micron.

Computer System Hardware and Software

Intel Pentium VI, 2.0 GHz computer running Windows 2000; 1.0 GB RAM, 80 GB hard disk, 17" flat panel monitor; Software includes Nicolet Omnic E.S.P. and Atlus mapping. Access to HP LaserJet 1100 (B&W) printer for hardcopy output. Software for converting data into simple (ascii) X,Y data format. Data can be stored on disk using 3.5" floppy drive, 100 MB Zip drive, and CD-ROM burner.

Forms and Manuals