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X-Ray Storage Ring - Normal Operations

Normal operation of the X-ray ring consists of providing the beam to users 24 hours/day and 7 days/week. There are two days per month of scheduled maintenance and five machine study days per month. Following a schedule developed together with the Users, the ring is filled to a current of 300 ma, typically once or twice per day. The normal fill pattern is a train of 25 consecutive equal current bunches filled out of a possible 30 buckets. This fill pattern provides freedom from ion trapping and coupled bunch instabilities. The energy of the ring is 2.8 GeV. Injection of the ring has been improved such that normal refill from zero current typically takes less than 10 min.

Special operations are scheduled in each four month operating period for single bunch and five bunch operations for timing experiments. The five bunch pattern consists of filling five out of six equally spaced buckets. Typically we fill to 100 ma in a single bunch and 200 ma in five bunches.