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NSLS User Equipment Pool

The following equipment is available on loan to NSLS users:

  • Displex Closed Cycle He Refrigeration System
  • EG&G Ortec Model SLP 16220-P Pop Top SiLi Detector
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Dewar with Sample Holder
  • Lytle Detector with Electron Yield Detector and Hot/Cold Sample Holder
  • PIPS Detector
  • A limited number of Turbomolecular Pumping Stations

To request usage of this equipment, send an email to Syed Khalid detailing the following information:

  1. Borrower institution/department
  2. Borrower name
  3. Equipment to be borrowed
  4. Start date of loan
  5. End date loan
  6. Purpose of loan

NSLS User Equipment Pool Procedures

This process is applicable to equipment or materials loaned from the NSLS User Equipment Pool to NSLS users, to be used at the NSLS facility.


  1. The NSLS User Equipment Pool Request should be used for loans of equipment or materials from the NSLS User Equipment inventory.
  2. The information must state the purpose of the loan, to whom the loan is being made, and the duration of the loan.
  3. All loan requests must be signed by the NSLS representative issuing the loan and by the individual borrowing the equipment/material.


  1. The blank User Equipment Pool form is obtained from manager of the NSLS equipment inventory.
  2. The NSLS equipment manager prepares the form in conjunction with the individual requesting the loan.
  3. The NSLS equipment manager issues a copy of the loan form to the individual requesting the loan. The original signed agreement will be kept by the equipment manager, in a suspense file, to be followed up when the loan date becomes due.
  4. When the completed loan agreement is received by the individual requesting the loan, he/she may take possession of the equipment.
  5. The NSLS equipment manager adjusts the inventory to reflect the loan.

Return of Property on Loan

  1. NSLS equipment manager verifies that property has been returned.
  2. Equipment manager checks "Equipment Returned" box, initials and dates original copy of loan form.
  3. Equipment manager distributes copy of completed loan form to the individual requesting the loan. Original agreement will be filed in a "Completed Loans" file.
  4. Equipment manager updates equipment inventory to reflect the return of the borrowed equipment.

Conditions of Loan

  1. The borrower shall:

    1. Return the loan item(s) in like condition as received from NSLS, normal wear and tear excepted, and free of contamination, on or before the expiration date, unless the loan period is formally extended.
    2. Be accountable for damage to equipment caused by negligence or misuse.
    3. Use the loaned property only for the purposes specified in this loan agreement.
  2. The loaned property shall not be modified, loaned or transferred to a third party without the written permission of the lender.
  3. The loaned property shall not be removed from the BNL site.
  4. The borrower shall account for, or permit inspection of, the loaned property by the lender after proper notification.
  5. The NSLS reserves the right to cancel the loan or to recall the loaned property upon reasonable notice.

The equipment should be possessed and returned during normal working hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Arrangements should be made in advance in case the users want to loan or return the equipment on weekends/holidays or other than normal working hours.

In addition there are some metal foils and X-ray filters available to NSLS Users.

For further information please contact:
Syed Khalid
Phone: 631-344-7496
Fax: 631-344-3238
Address: Brookhaven National Laboratory, NSLS Bldg. 725D, PO Box 5000, Upton, NY 11973-5000