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The Utilities Group, led by project engineer Ron Beauman, is responsible for providing Utilities Engineering and Technical services to NSLS, Users, and SDL including cooling water at controlled flow rates, pressures, and temperatures, compressed air and other gases. In addition, they provide HVAC engineering, technical, and electrical services as needed.

Utilities systems include cooling and process water, gas, and compressed air systems. These systems are essential to NSLS operations. Working behind the scenes, the Utilities group continuously performs preventative maintenance to ensure that the NSLS has minimal downtime. This is quite a feat, considering that the Utilities group has to maintain seven very large and independent systems that extent throughout NSLS. Part of the group's record of minimal downtime may be attributed to their Preventative Maintenance program, part to redundancy, and additionally the group also is very proud of its' diverse staff which includes technicians with expertise ranging from vacuum to electrical systems.

The processing and condensing water systems and compressed air system are run and maintained in order to keep the components of the NSLS and SDL at the proper operating temperatures.

Air conditioning systems for the NSLS offices as well as the chiller for the water systems are gauged and balanced.

All seven systems are checked twice daily and logs are filed accordingly. In this way, almost all potential problems are fixed before beamline downtime occurs.

Pressure gauges

Pressure gauges are checked and logged twice a day

Water system controllers

Water system controllers

Pressure pump

These pressure pumps water into the rings' cooling systems.

Fast valves

Fast valves can be shut within 3 milliseconds to prevent damage in case of a malfunction