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Feedthrough Protection:

There are hundreds of vacuum feedthroughs in the storage ring of the NSLS. In addition, there are at least half that amount in the experimental beamlines. They are fragile and are easily broken if unprotected. Since 1998, feedthroughs have been broken in both the X-ray Ring and the VUV Ring. These were major problems, requiring days to weeks to recover vacuum for User Operations. All feedthroughs must be protected!

Please look at the photographs of X-ray Ring Feedthroughs and VUV Ring Feedthroughs to see how the storage ring vacuum feedthroughs are protected and cables are relieved. Since some of the beamline feedthroughs are different from those in the storage rings, the Vacuum Group would be happy to assist and review any new proposed designs for Beamlines.

Drawings Available:

SLS-39.01-157-3A Ion Gauge Lead Protector

X-ray Feedthroughs | VUV Feedthroughs