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Revision Log

Light Sources Directorate Policies and Requirements Manual

Number: LS-ESH-PRM-1.5.0
Date: 5/4/2010
Revision: 18
Prepared by: R. Chmiel
Approved by: A. Ackerman (ESH&Q Manager)

All NSLS Staff, Users, Plant Engineering personnel, personnel from other BNL departments, and sub-contractors working within NSLS complex are required to follow the requirements set forth in the BNL Subject Area, Electrical Safety.

The following restrictions also apply to ALL electrical work at the NSLS:

  • Working on or near:  Working on or near energized components (>= 50 Volts ac or dc) is limited to troubleshooting voltage measurements and LOTO zero energy verification checks ONLY.  This work must be documented on and performed in accordance with an Electrical Work Permit (see below).
    • Exception: Plant Engineering personnel may work on or near energized components in accordance with procedures established and approved by the BNL Plant Engineering Division.

  • Limits for Voltage Measurements: Only BNL Plant Engineering electricians may check circuits with voltages greater than 240 ac or dc.  All other personnel are restricted to working on circuits with voltages <= 240 V ac or dc for troubleshooting or performing LOTO zero energy verification.

    Contact Al Boerner (x5990) for electrician assistance.

  • Electrical Work Permits
    • Permit #1: Category 2 or less AND 240 Volts or Less Testing, Troubleshooting, and Voltage Measuring

Authorized NSLS Electrical Workers

Authorized NSLS Category 4 Switch Throwers

NSLS Electrical Equipment Inspection Information

PRM Table of Contents

Document Review Frequency 3 Years

Review signatures on file with master copy of controlled document

Document Number: LS-ESH-PRM-1.5.0

> See NSLS Quality Control Coordinator for original revision and review signatures <

Rev Description Date
7 Original Document 8/11/98
8 This is a complete revision based on discussions with the NSLS Electrical Safety Committee and the BNL Laboratory Electrical Safety Officer. 12/01/00
9 Section 4.4 added 7/23/01
10 New Section 6 added 10/22/01
11 Revised PRM to reflect changes in BNL ESH Standard 1.5.0, Electrical Safety:
  • "Working Hot" changed to "Working On or Near Energized Conductors"
  • Critical System List (Appendix A) deleted
  • Reference to ATF removed (Section 2)
  • PPE reference provided (Section 6)
12 Document underwent major revisions to reflect NFPA 70E requirements. 01/27/2005
13 Added 120 v line cord PPE requirements and made several formatting changes. 03/01/2005
14 Changed BNL range B from 1000 Vdc to 750 Vdc so that we can stay within the safety limits of the voltage rated gloves. 03/18/2005
15 Added engineered voltage monitoring solutions for loto. 06/22/2005
16 New PPE requirements for disconnect switch and circuit breaker operation were added to section 6.1.0; as a result of an April 14, 2006 arc flash incident at BNL. NTRL guidance was added to section 4.0. All energized work permits were updated to reflect the new PPE requirements. 07/31/2006
17 PRM 1.5.0 now points to the requirements in the new BNL Electrical Safety Subject Area. In addition, more restrictive requirements for NSLS personnel, above those listed in the the Subject Area, have been added to this PRM. 5/21/2007
18 Changed prepared by to R. Chmiel, and approved by to A. Ackerman 5/4/2010

For information regarding this document contact Robert Chmiel,