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Revision Log

Photon Sciences Directorate Policies and Requirements Manual

Number: LS-ESH-PRM-2.1.0
Date: 06/27/11
Revision: 8
Prepared by: Lori Stiegler
Approved by: Andrew Ackerman (NSLS ESH/Q Manager)

1. Scope
  This procedure applies to all personnel and users in Photon Sciences and follows the BNL SBMS Working With Chemicals Subject Area for Hazard Communication and for Laboratory Standard.  In addition it has specific requirements for the storage of hazardous materials.  All PS personnel that may be exposed to hazardous materials are trained in Hazard Communication or Laboratory Standard.
2. Responsibilities
  2.1 Personnel working at Photon Sciences must comply with the requirements of SBMS as well as be aware of and handle hazardous materials in a responsible manner.
  2.2 The PS ES&H staff and the Safety & Health Representative shall act as resources for Hazard Communication questions and concerns.
3. Requirements
  3.1 All hazardous materials procured by Staff or brought on site by Users shall be stored in accordance with BNL procedures. 
  3.2  All hazardous materials being stored must have Chemical Management System (CMS) bar codes.  Details on the CMS procedures can be found on the CMS website.
  3.3 Line supervisors and/or chemical owners should review their inventory lists periodically or as changes occur, and reconcile any discrepancies.
  3.4 The Experimental Review Coordinator (ERC) will decide which transient User chemicals need bar-coding.  The Experimental Safety Approval Form is used to document this.
  3.5 Photon Sciences maintains a large number of flammable and corrosive chemical storage cabinets.  Contact the PS Safety Officer or the PS ESH Coordinator for location and usage information.  Allowable materials are listed on the cabinet doors.
  3.6  All liquid chemicals and wastes shall be stored in secondary containment.

PRM Table of Contents

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Document Number: LS-ESH-PRM-2.1.0

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Rev Description Date
4 Original Document 11/23/98
5 Many Web links added and Section 4.5.1 rewritten 08/10/01
6 Provided new Web links, corrected faulty links, added CVO training information in 4.6.1 08/09/04
7 Sections covered by SBMS removed from PRM. 05/16/08
8 Changed NSLS to Photon Sciences 06/27/11

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