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Revision Log

Light Sources Directorate Policies and Requirements Manual

Number: LS-ESH-PRM-3.2.0
Date: 12/28/09
Revision: 5
Prepared by: F. Zafonte, L. Stiegler
Approved by: A. Ackerman (NSLS ESH/Q Manager)

1. Introduction

As a part of the NSLS ALARA Program, collective dose goals are established each year to serve as an indicator of performance compared to previous years' exposures to personnel. The Collective Radiation Dose Goal and the maximum individual exposure goal are based on annual historical doses and the planned activities for the NSLS. The purpose of the goals is to provide an indicator or benchmark to judge year-to-year performance. These goals should not be viewed as limits, but rather are intended to encourage improvement in radiological procedures and to support the ALARA Program at NSLS. Exceeding a goal does not constitute a non-conforming or a reportable event.

2. Radiation Dose Goals

2.1 The Collective Radiation Dose Goal for all NSLS permanent plus temporary radiation badge holders has been set at 0.2 Person-Rem whole body dose for the Calendar year.

2.2 The maximum annual exposure goal to an individual has been set at 50 mRem for the calendar year. (Note: this exposure should not be confused with or substituted for the NSLS Administrative Control Level, LS-ESH-PRM-3.2.1.)

2.3 These goals will be evaluated annually by the NSLS ALARA Committee and modified as appropriate.

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Document Review Frequency 1 Year

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Document Number: LS-ESH-PRM-3.2.0

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Rev Description Date
0 Original Document 12/18/95
1 Revision of Collective and Individual Dose Goals 09/15/00
2 Updated Department Chairman's name 10/21/03
3 Revision of Collective Dose Goals from 1.0 to 0.75 Rem; Updated Department Chairmanís name; Updated Preparers. Changed Document Review Frequency from 3 yrs. to 1 yr. 12/03/07
4 Changed the Collective Dose Goal from 0.75 to 0.2 Person-Rem whole body dose. Changed "Approved by" from Chi-Chang Kao to A. Ackerman. 11/07/08
5 Changed "Prepared by:" from J. Aloi to L. Stiegler 12/28/09

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