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Revision Log

Light Sources Directorate Policies and Requirements Manual

Number: LS-ESH-PRM-3.2.1
Date: 08/26/09
Revision: 6
Prepared by: W. R. Casey
Approved by: Andrew Ackerman, ESH/Q Manager


A. The NSLS has established an ACL of 100 mrem per calendar year for radiation workers at the NSLS.

B. Prior to NSLS radiation workers exceeding the NSLS ACL, approval of the NSLS Chairman, ALARA Committee Chairperson and the ESH Facility Representative from the Radiological Control Division must be obtained (see Attachment 1).

C. This ACL will be evaluated annually by the ALARA Committee and the Department Chair.

D. For guests or visitors without training, an administrative control level of 25 mRem/year is established. To increase this guide level to 100 mRem/year requires approval by the NSLS Chairman, ALARA Committee Chairperson, the ESH Facility Representative to the NSLS and the RCD Head (see Attachment 2). For minors, see PRM 0.1.0.

E. Prior to NSLS radiation workers exceeding the Laboratory Administrative Control Level of 1250 mRem per calendar year, approvals of the NSLS ALARA Committee Chairperson, NSLS Chairman, ESH Facility Representative, the Radiological Control Division Head and Laboratory Director shall be obtained (see Attachment 3).

F. Approvals for exceeding the 2000 mrem/year DOE Administrative Level must have approval from the DOE Secretarial Office or designee.

G. All individuals receiving a dose extension authorization shall be informed of the potential risk of additional dose by qualified Radiation Control Division personnel.


A. Administrative procedures or equivalent shall be used to document the authorization to exceed the ACL, and to notify Personal Monitoring Group of the Radiological Control Division of the dose extension authorization. The Health Physics Section of the Radiological Control Division shall be sent a copy of all approvals for minors to enter radiation areas and to exceed 25 mRem/year dose (see PRM 0.1.0 & Attachment 1).

B. Total effective dose equivalent (TEDE) received from external and internal sources shall be used for the administrative dose control levels.

Attachment 1 - Approval to exceed Department ACL (attachment 9.2)

Attachment 2 - Approval to exceed Laboratory ACL for Guest or Visitor without Training (attachment 9.3)

Attachment 3 - Approval to Exceed Laboratory ACL (attachment 9.5)

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Document Number: LS-ESH-PRM-3.2.1

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2 Original Document 01/02/98
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