Quality Assurance for

The National Synchrotron Light Source Department

It is the objective of the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) Department to provide a safe and efficient environment for conducting scientific research with the use of synchrotron radiation. To accomplish this, comprehensive Quality, Reliability, and Maintainability concepts must be integrated into the design, production, installation and usage of all items incorporated into its facilities.

The NSLS Department management is responsible for the quality of construction and operation of all NSLS equipment and the use of the facility. The same responsibilities rest with the users who build and operate beamlines as members of the Participating Research Teams. Responsibilities are further delegated down through the line and staff organization, with each level assuming its appropriate share. Ultimately, each group and individual is responsible for the quality of the work in which they are involved. Each group and each individual assures that all components and assemblies of their systems fully comply with all applicable requirements. This is accomplished through the timely application of quality assurance disciplines in a planned and consistent manner.

This manual outlines a formalized Quality Assurance Program for the NSLS. The quality assurance procedures set forth in this manual detail those actions necessary to ensure consistent conformance to quality assurance requirements. Each NSLS section shall ensure that the policies and procedures described herein are implemented in an effective manner.

Steven Dierker

Chairman, NSLS



Date: March 10, 2005
Document No. LS-QAP-0002
Rev: C
Prepared by: M. Buckley
Approved by: W.R. Casey
Approved by: S. Dierker


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