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ALARA Committee

  1. Charge

    Review radiation issues that pertain to personnel exposures and make recommendations to management, to improve progress toward making radiation exposure As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA).

    Reports to NSLS Chairman.

  2. Membership
    • A. Ackerman
    • R. Casey - Chairman
    • N. Gmur
    • E. Haas
    • R. Heese
    • X. Yang
    • F. Zafonte

    A. Ackerman and L. Stiegler were designated by the Chairman (8/3/2009), to serve as designees to the NSLS ALARA Chair for the purpose of approving the NSLS "Minor Student Authorization Form" and the BNL "Planned Work Involving Minors Form."

  3. Meeting Frequency

    Meetings are called as needed by the Committee Chairman.