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Beamline Review Committee

  1. Charge

    Scrutinize all proposed beamline constructions and modifications to ensure they meet NSLS standards for safety (including radiation shielding), vacuum, and mechanical design. Review experiments on an as-needed basis.

    Reports to NSLS Chairman.

  2. Membership
    • A. Ackerman
    • L. Berman
    • A. Broadbent
    • M. Buckley
    • R. Chmiel
    • S. Buda
    • S. Ehrlich
    • N. Gmur
    • E. Haas
    • E. Hu
    • E. Johnson
    • L. Stiegler
    • E. Vescovo
    • F. Zafonte
    • Z. Zhong - Chairman
  3. Meeting Frequency

    Meetings are called as needed by the Committee Chairman.