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Environmental Management System (EMS) & Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS) Management Group

  1. Charge

    Monitor the performance of the Environmental Management Program and the Occupational Health and Safety Program for NSLS-II and maintain the ISO 14001 and18001 program elements current.

  2. Membership
    • A. Ackerman NSLS-II EMS & OHS Management Representative
    • D. Bauer (EWMSD)
    • A. Boerner
    • R. Chmiel
    • B. Heneveld
    • B. Lein
    • T. McDonald
    • L. Stiegler
    • C. Weilandics
    • G. Wilson
    • F. Zafonte (RCD)
  3. Meeting Frequency

    Meetings will be called at least twice per year.