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Interlock Working Group

  1. Charge

    The NSLS Interlock Working Group shall review all new construction and modification of NSLS and SDL personnel protection interlock systems.

    It is the responsibility of the IWG to review NSLS and SDL personnel protection interlock systems to:

    • Assure operational feasibility.
    • Assure compliance with BNL requirements.
    • Determine system verification/testing requirements.
    • The IWG does not complete an engineering review of electrical or mechanical design.
  2. Documentation

    The Working Group shall document its reviews using the NSLS General Review Form and the EMS, FUA, and SAD/ASE Checklist for NSLS Reviews, if applicable. All items reviewed by the IWG shall be accompanied by appropriate lay-outs, drawings or sketches. This documentation shall be maintained as a part of the records of IWG reviews. The minutes of the Interlock Working Group should have sufficient detail to provide a record of discussion items, areas of dissent or controversy, and the basis of approval.

  3. Membership
    • A. Ackerman
    • M. Buckley
    • S. Buda
    • R. Casey - Chairman
    • R. Chmiel
    • J. Gallagher
    • T. McDonald
    • E. Orr
    • F. Zafonte
  4. Meeting Frequency

    The group meets as needed and before every major maintenance.