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Photon Sciences Space Committee

  1. Charge

    1. Purpose

      The Photon Sciences Directorate (PS) Space Committee is convened by the PS Chief Operating Officer (COO) on an as-needed basis to review and make recommendations on space requirements for Photon Sciences staff and users.

    2. Function

      When requested by the PS COO, the Space Committee will evaluate specific space needs and make recommendations on the allocation of:

      1. offices
      2. experimental floor space
      3. labs
      4. set-up areas
      5. storage space
    3. Decision and Approval Authority

      The PS Space Committee has the authority to make decisions and recommendations to the PS COO, who has final decision and approval authority.

    4. Deliverables
      1. Decisions and recommendations to the PS COO.
  2. Membership

    1. Reports to:

      PS COO

    2. Appointed by:

      PS COO

    3. Members:

      Committee membership will be comprised of the following individuals:
      A. Broadbent
      G. Fries
      A. Ackerman
      R. Pindak
      R. Kiss
      T. Mendez
      F. Terrano, Chair

    4. Term:

      Indefinite and at the discretion of the PS COO.

  3. Meetings

    1. Conduct

      Meetings will be coordinated and conducted by the committee chair.

    2. Frequency

      Meetings will be held on an as-needed basis as determined by the PS COO in consultation with the committee chair.