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Work Planning/Permit Review Team

  1. Charge

    Assist Photon Sciences Directorate Staff and User personnel regarding compliance with PRM 1.3.6 - Work Planning and Control Procedure. The committees apply the graded approach to identify hazards, risks and controls; determine complexity levels, and to establish the rigor of additional planning and reviews necessary to accomplish tasks. Job tasks deemed outside of a designated qualification matrix will require enhanced work planning. Teams review and approve submitted work permits.

  2. Membership

    PS Membership List

    • A. Boerner, Chair
    • G. Fries, Deputy Chair
    • R. Kiss, Research Space Manager
    • R. Scheuerer, Senior Mechanical Supervisor
    • R. Chmiel, Primary Reviewer
    • D. Bauer, assigned Environmental Compliance Rep
    • M.A. Corwin, Training Coordinator
    • C. Weilandics, assigned Industrial Hygienist Rep
    • F. Zafonte, assigned Facility Support Rep
    • Alternate Primary Reviewers
    • 1st: B. Heneveld
  3. Meeting Frequency

    Meetings are called by the Chair based on work planning requests.