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User Access for Returning Users

  1. Requesting Beamtime
    All users with an active proposal can submit a new beam time request for time against that proposal, and/or submit a new proposal.

  2. Site Access Registration
    If your appointment for site access has lapsed (appointments are valid for two years), you may submit a renewal of your registration. To view your current status, please log in to the PASS System, and click on Personal Information.

  3. Training
    All users must be sure their training is up to date prior to accessing the experimental floor and running an experiment. Training modules can be completed online prior to arrival. This is strongly recommended so that you do not have to complete your training during your scheduled beam time.

  4. For users new to the technique of "X-Ray Absorption, Fine Structure (XAFS)," there is now an online orientation module available that you are strongly encouraged to review prior to submitting your proposal for beamtime. Modules for additional beamline techniques will be added here as they become available.

  5. Visit Date(s) Notification
    All users are required to complete the Guest Arrival Notification System (GANS) Form prior to arrival. You must have an active appointment and your Guest Identification number.

  6. Collect and Bring Proper Identification
    All users must bring proper identification during their visits to BNL. Failure to possess current identification may result in your inability to be granted access to the BNL site.

  7. Check-In On Site
    Users must show a BNL photo identification badge if they have one, or other photo identification at the Main Gate, and only if required, proceed to the Guest, User, Visitor (GUV) Center to complete check-in.

  8. Complete Beamline Training
    After checking in with the Guest, User, Visitor (GUV) Center, and upon arrival at the NSLS, Beamline Operation and Safety Awareness (BLOSA) training is required for all users. This training is beamline specific and will be executed by the Local Contact at the beamline upon arrival.

  9. Complete End of Run Survey
    As part of the annual DOE report, the NSLS (and other DOE facilities) are required to ask users to take part in a User Satisfaction survey to provide feedback to the Office of Basic Energy Science (BES) and to improve user services and the NSLS facility. Please fill in this form at the completion of your experiment.