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Postal Services

U.S. Postal Service
BNL has a full-service U.S. Postal Service Office (Upton branch) located in Staff Services, Building 179, x2539.

BNL Mail Service
Mail is delivered and picked up twice a day from each building on site. Users should leave internal lab mail (brown envelopes, no stamps needed) and U.S. Mail (regular envelopes, stamps required) in the outgoing mail boxes at NSLS mail stop 725A, located in the lobby by the elevator.

Receiving Mail
During regular working hours, packages and other special deliveries are brought to the Stockroom while regular mail is taken to the mailstops around the building. Each beam port is assigned a mail slot at NSLS mail stop 725A near the elevator in the lobby. The beamline number should be on all mail addressed to users. Mail to users should be addressed as follows (depending on whether shipper requires a street address):

(user's name)
Brookhaven National Laboratory
NSLS Bldg. 725A / (user's beamline)
P.O. Box 5000
Upton, NY 11973-5000
OR (user's name)
NSLS, (user's beamline)
75 Brookhaven Ave.
Brookhaven National Lab
Upton, NY 11973-5000

Special Deliveries After Hours
After hours, and on weekends and holidays, the NSLS stockroom is unavailable for deliveries. Call the BNL Main Gate at x2240, and leave your name, building number 725, your beamline and telephone number, and indicate that you are expecting a package. The driver will call to arrange for a drop-off.