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Procurement of Goods and Services
BNL uses a web-based procurement system. All procurement for goods and services is done by completing a web page and routing it using electronic mail. Contact your host for more information on using these systems.

Procurement of BNL Services
Intra-Laboratory Requests (ILRs) are used to request and charge work to your BNL account. There are different types of ILRs (yearly, for a specific job, or estimate only). ILRs can be opened and jobs scheduled by contacting the Building Manager. The trades are all union-controlled although users can do incidental experimental work. Divisions of most interest to users are:

  • Plant Engineering - plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters, steam fitters, custodians, carpenters, and riggers
  • Central Shops - machining work and welding
  • Information Services Division - research library, photographer services, developing and printing of slides, prints, copying, overhead transparencies, designs, and drawings

Any questions pertaining to unions should be directed to the Building Manager:

  1. Obtain blank ILR form from Room 2-177 or outside the Building Manager's Office (1-179).
  2. Send completed forms to Data Entry at 725D (or take to room 2-177). It will be entered and returned to you.
  3. Review the input and have original signed.
  4. Forward signed copy to Joan Marshall at mail stop 725D.

Users with questions about ILRs should contact the Building Manager. NSLS Staff should contact Joan Marshall (x3887).