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User Accounts

Operating Accounts (81000 accounts)
General Users who are allocated beam time and Participating Research Teams (PRTs) or Contributing Users (CUs) who operate beamlines should establish a BNL operating account to cover the costs of materials while running an experiment, shipping, and/or miscellaneous BNL services (telephone & fax codes), if these needs are anticipated. The term of the purchase order must be specified and names of persons having signature authorization for charges against this account must be listed.

Brookhaven's Fiscal Division will bill the user for any charges the user makes to the account. Users are obligated to pay outstanding debts promptly.

All users should set up a $1,000 operating account to cover operating expenses while at the NSLS, such as charges for use of trades, shops, and Stockroom withdrawals. A telephone access code, for use in placing off-site calls and faxes, is associated with each operating account. Operating accounts, which are subject to BNL overhead, are established by the user's home institution via a purchase order. All orders for an operating account must contain the following:

  • Sufficient information to identify type of account (e.g. PHOBOS Experiment, NSLS User, Beamline X23 PRT, Proprietary research, services of..., identity of contact person, or facility being visited, etc...)
  • Full names of authorized users. Identify the Principal Investigator
  • Total dollar amount
  • Expiration date of order
  • Complete billing instructions

To open an account, forward a purchase order to the address below.

Georgia Irving
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Budget Office - Bldg. 460
P.O. Box 5000
Upton, NY 11973-5000
Phone: (631) 344-7957, Fax: (631) 344-3503, Email:

Proprietary Research Accounts (85000 accounts)
Any beam time used for proprietary research purposes must be charged the full cost recovery rate* against a proprietary account. Users should set up such an account at the same time, or preferably before, they submit a Proprietary Research Proposal. A 100 percent advance of the estimated annual usage of proprietary research hours is required to be in the account before proprietary work can begin. This is required as stated in the US DOE Accounting Handbook, Chapter 13. A single account may be used to cover one or more proprietary proposals over an extended period of time. These accounts, like operating accounts, are established by the user's home institution via a purchase order. Information regarding set up of these accounts can be obtained from the BNL Budget Office at 631-344-7957.

* *click on file type desired, scroll down Column A to National Synchrotron Light Source, then follow the row over to the "Non DOE Program and NIH, Total with FCR" column.

For Participating Research Teams, the spokesperson is responsible for having a proprietary research account at BNL, separate from their operating account, to suitably cover proprietary research charges they will incur. A single proprietary research account may be used for one or more proposals, either at the same time or consecutively. The spokesperson must arrange to use an existing account associated with their institution or they must create a separate account. To set up an account forward a purchase order to BNL's Budget Office, allowing two weeks for processing at BNL. The purchase order should clearly state:

  • P.I. on account and who will have signature authorization for charging expenses against this account
  • that it is for proprietary research expenses
  • the authorized charge ceiling of the account
  • the expiration date of the order

BNL Budget Office
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Budget Office - Bldg. 460
P.O. Box 5000
Upton, NY 11973-5000
Phone: (631) 344-7957
Fax: (631) 344-3503

All proprietary users are required to report proprietary usage, or for PRTs, confirm non-usage, each month. Proprietary users are contacted via email by the NSLS Proposal Coordinator to verify running dates and times according to SAFs run in the previous time period. Proprietary time is required to be billed each month according to the U.S. Department of Energy's Accounting Handbook, Chapter 13.

Please note a one-hour set-up charge and one-hour take-down charge is applied to EACH proprietary run. When 5 minutes or more have elapsed into the next hour, it is considered to be one full hour.

Capital Accounts (89000 accounts)
Capital accounts are used for fabrication of equipment and components that become part of the beamline. These accounts are established through a purchase order between the user's home institution and BNL according to a pre-arranged agreement and cost estimate. These accounts are subject to BNL overhead charges. Questions regarding these accounts should be addressed to x7957.