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Workshop Procedures

Responsibilities for Workshop Organizers and NSLS User Administration

Workshop Organizer(s):

  1. Complete and submit Proposal Outline for NSLS Workshop
  2. Adhere to timelines on "Guidelines for Workshop Organizers"
  3. Communicate with User Administration about requirements: conference rooms, speakers’ materials, materials to be provided to participants, name badges, housing and transportation requests, travel and grant reimbursements, and food and beverages, and any other logistical arrangements you require.
  4. Invite speakers and be sure they register on time. Provide list of names to User Administration.
  5. Invite sponsors and request logos. Provide list to User Administration for follow-up.
  6. Establish agenda and background information.
  7. Provide list of participants to User Administration.
  8. If needed, reserve laboratory spaces for hands-on workshops.
  9. If this is a hands-on workshop, the organizer must arrange beamtime at all necessary beamlines and submit a Safety Approval Form (SAF). User Administration will provide names with guest number for this purpose.
  10. If desired to be included in workshop materials, ask speakers for lecture notes and provide to User Administration at least three days in advance.
  11. Write THANK YOU note to speakers and/or participants, and provide to User Administration for either e-mailing or hard copy mailing within 2 weeks after close of workshop.

Workshop Support (User Administration):

  1. Review “Guidelines for Workshop Organizers” and “Workshop Planning Worksheet” with the workshop organizer.
  2. Submit Proposal Outline for NSLS Workshop and secure approval ASAP.
  3. Complete Conference Request Forms through Conference Management Office (for new workshops). For recurring workshops, confirm with CM that forms are still current and in place. Assist organizer with budget planning if necessary.
  4. Ensure all speakers and participants have completed all registration requirements: Guest Information System registration and approval, training, verification of citizenship, visa, passport, INS documents, check-in, etc.
  5. When necessary, send out reminders to speakers and participants to complete requirements for BNL and NSLS access.
  6. Establish a list of participants including: Name, BNL guest number, email, phone, address, citizenship, visa status, training status, registration status, housing status, arrival and departure dates, and if needed, samples and/or equipment they are bringing.
  7. Establish a list of speakers including the above and their reimbursement status.
  8. Establish contact with housing and local hotels for group prices and local area transportation, as necessary.
  9. Work with User Outreach to set up web site with information on:
    • course purpose
    • who should attend
    • preliminary agenda
    • information on housing and transportation
    • registration information should include the fee
    • registration form
    • payment form

    NOTE: should be set up as database format so that name labels and reports may be printed directly.

  10. Reserve meeting rooms.
  11. Reserve BNL shuttle van(s) if required.
  12. Obtain agenda and any other pertinent information from workshop organizer, and edit as necessary for presentation purposes.
  13. Contact appropriate people for creating announcements on the NSLS web and BNL Web, in the NSLS bulletin, user community, different societies, bulletin boards, different journals. NOTE: Cannot solicit sponsors.
  14. If needed, and with guidance from meeting organizer, work with User Outreach office to make event poster for distribution.
  15. Confirm sponsors provided by organizer, post logos on the web and on signs if necessary (such as: “ABC Company sponsored today’s lunch…”). Also confirm deliveries of materials they are shipping beforehand and set-up space. Contact Emil Zitvogel for electrical equipment inspections.
  16. Contact Outreach Office to make arrangements for group photo (and during-workshop photos if desired), and confirm with workshop organizer. Outreach Office should also confirm photography appointment(s).
  17. Make arrangements for food services and confirm delivery times, amounts, and set up/clean up schedule. Communicate with appropriate custodial staff about requirements.
  18. Order folders and other office supplies if necessary.
  19. Notify Security if appropriate – parking issues, etc.
  20. Create folders of information for workshop participants, if desired by workshop organizer. Suggested items to include:
    • Directions to BNL
    • BNL map
    • NSLS map
    • Train Schedule
    • BNL Shuttle Schedule
    • Workshop Program
    • Participants list * NOTE: NEED 2 DAYS’ LEAD TIME FOR COPIES
    • Speakers list
    • Lecture notes
  21. Determine if wireless access is required - contact ITD help desk to set up. Will need to get conference code - give workshop title, dates:
    • Current procedure:
      Log in screen
      Life number (put in code key)
      Fill in department - NSLS
  22. Create and administer standard survey for meeting participants.
  23. Create name badges.
  24. Confirm speakers a day or two before (verify time).
  25. Gather and organize materials for workshop presenters.
  26. Verify all workshop and presentation materials are ready and in good working order.
  27. Verify food deliveries, photographer, equipment deliveries, equipment inspections, etc.
  28. If possible, contact User Outreach about posting photos and/or lecture notes on the website.
  29. At end, if applicable, verify shipments of equipment and participants samples.
  30. Send thank you notes.