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Workshop Procedures

1 Proposal Outline for PS Workshops
The PS User Administration Office provides support services to Workshop Organizers. For best results please plan your workshop at least 4 months in advance. Please complete the proposal sheet and submit to User Administration at least 4 months prior to your proposed workshop date. This proposal will be submitted for approval by PS Management.
Click here for Proposal Outline
2 Select a Workshop Date
Considering meetings, workshops, and reviews already scheduled (refer to Photon Sciences Events), you will see which dates are available to hold your workshop. Do not schedule your workshop within 2 weeks of any other workshop or preferably not within 4 weeks of the annual Users' Meeting.
3 Guidelines for Workshop Organizers
These guidelines provide valuable information to ensure a successful workshop at the PS.
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4 Responsibilities for Workshop Organizers and PS User Administration Office
This list explains the support that can be expected from PS User Administration, and the responsibilities of the Workshop Organizer(s).
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5 Contact PS User Administration Workshop Coordinator
Once you have reviewed the steps above and filled out the Proposal Outline Sheet, contact the PS User Administration Workshop Coordinator, Gretchen Cisco at 631.344.4703.