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EXAFS Data Collection and Analysis: An Introductory Practical Course in X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

June 22-25, 2004

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Purpose & Scope of Workshop:
This workshop provides a broad introduction to the collection and analysis of EXAFS data and is aimed at new synchrotron users and young scientists.

The three-day course includes classroom lectures given by leading experts, hands-on data collection at NSLS beamlines, and instruction in the use of data analysis software. The lectures will cover topics ranging from the basic physics of x-ray absorption, sample preparation and data collection, and basic priciples of data analysis. Participants will collect real data during the beamline practicals and learn to analyze that data during the computer training.

The beamlines available for the course cover most of the periodic table. Beamlines will be avaiable for participants interested in hard- or soft x-ray spectroscopy. Some or all of the following beamlines will be participating in the course: X9B, X11A, X11B, X15B, X18B, X19A, X23A2, X23B, X26A, and U7A.

All housing will be be provided on-site at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Lunch and dinner will be provided each day as part of the registration fee.

This course is sponsored by the National Synchrotron Light Source.

We also thank Center for Environmental Molecular Science for financial assistance for this course.

Cost for the workshop: $350

Application deadline is May 10, 2004.