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Crystallization: Focus on optimization techniques for soluble and membrane proteins

June 6-8, 2005

Three day practical course in crystallization and characterization of macromolecules.

Brookhaven national Laboratory

Purpose & Scope of Workshop
The purpose of this course is to provide participants with hands-on experience of a variety of crystal growth methods for obtaining high quality crystals. The course will address both conventional and non-conventional methods. Optimization methods will include application of oils, novel nucleating agents, detergents, crystallization in lipid cubic phase, crystallization with gels, high throughput techniques, and more...

Introductory lectures will precede the practical sessions. Time for discussions and informal meeting with the tutors is scheduled. Confirmed Lectures and Practical sessions will be conducted by:

  • Neer Asherie, Yeshiva University; Light Scattering
  • Naomi Chayen, Imperial College London; Oils to improve crystal Quality
  • Petra Fromme, Arizona State University; Membrane protein crystallization
  • Patrick Loll, Drexel University; Detergents key to membrane protein crystallization
  • Marie Claude Marchand, Nextal Biotechnologies; vapour diffusion optimization
  • Peter Nollert; deCode Genetics; Lipic Cubic Phase Method
  • TBA; High-through put screening and optimization
  • TBA; Purification

Participants will be divided into groups of four to five members according to their main interests and follow 8 practical sessions during the course.

A special session on cryogenic protection and crystal quality assessment of crystals will be conducted at the X6A beam line on the last day.

Intended Audience

Graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and research scientists interested in learning about different approaches to crystallization.

Selection Criteria
There is no selection criteria. The inclusion of a small resume and a statement of interest with the registration form are strongly recommended, as groups will be organized according to their common level.

In addition to submitting an Application Form for this workshop, all attendees must register in BNL's Guest Information System. Approval, which can take 30 days or more, must be granted prior to attending this workshop.

Participants will be responsible for their own transportation. The registration fee payable in advance, will cover the costs of meals and Residence House (dormitory style) accommodations.

Application deadline is May 1, 2005.