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BNL Workshop on Intense Coherent THz Pulses: Characteristics and applications of accelerator-produced THz pulses from the NSLS SDL Linac

May 10, 2005

8:45am - 5:00pm

NSLS Seminar Room
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Purpose & Scope of Workshop:
The Source Development Lab (SDL) of the NSLS operates a linear accelerator as part of the Deep Ultraviolet Free Electron Laser (DUV-FEL) project. This accelerator is a unique source of ultra-short, relativistic electron bunches, capable of radiating intense (~ 100 microjoule) single-cycle coherent pulses with spectral content to 2 THz. The intention of this workshop is to provide participants with detailed information about the NSLS-SDL accelerator as a source of high intensity THz pulses and to identify novel scientific studies enabled by this source.

The program will begin with presentations on the SDL accelerator facility and a description of the THz pulses that have been produced to-date. This will be followed by presentations on various proposed applications of these high intensity pulses. Specific emphasis will be placed on non-linear properties of materials and studies where the THz pulse serves as an excitation source rather than simply a probe of a material's response. A tour of the facility will allow interested participants to see the current location for experiments and the optical setup available for initial measurements. A discussion session will follow to provide participants an opportunity to define experimental directions and make recommendations on the facility and instrumentation requirements.

Scheduled Speakers

  • Xijie Wang (NSLS)
  • G. Lawrence Carr (NSLS)
  • Tony Heinz (Columbia)
  • Ted Heilweil (National Inst. for Standards & Tech.)
  • Dario Arena (NSLS)
  • Ivan Bozovic (BNL Materials Dep't)

Intended Audience
Local scientists with an interest in learning about the NSLS THz source and its possible applications.

Please contact Corinne Messana (x7398, with your name, affiliation, and email address to indicate your intention to participate. There will be no fee for this workshop.

Visitors without a current BNL Appointment will need to provide additional information (Name, Address, Affiliation, Citizenship, Phone and Email contact) in order to be allowed on site for the day. Please contact Corinne Messana ( to arrange for a visitor pass.