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XAFS Studies of Nanocatalysis and Chemical Transformations

October 19-21, 2006

Brookhaven National Laboratory
Medical Bldg. 490
Large Conference Room

Purpose & Scope of Workshop:
The short course in XAFS analysis will be offered on October 19-21 at the NSLS, Brookhaven National Laboratory. It will continue the annual NSLS tradition of gathering a group of scientists, active in the field, who share their expertise with those interested to learn about possible use of XAFS in their research, or with those who are relatively advanced. The upcoming course will be tailored to users of the synchrotron catalysis community who are already using or would like to learn more about the use of XAFS (both EXAFS and XANES) for studies of in situ chemical transformations. The course will be theoretical, with lectures ranging from "Theory of XANES" and "Theory of EXAFS" to advanced data analysis methods that have been developed for problems of catalysis research. There will be three data analysis sessions, during each day of the course. The course participants will bring their own data to get help with analysis during the course.

When requesting accommodations please inform housing that you are a participant for the EXAFS workshop

Registration Deadline: Friday, October 6, 2006

Foreign Nationals accepted for the workshop who do not have an active BNL ID must register in the BNL Guest Information System no later than Wednesday, September 20, 2006 to avoid delays in accessing the BNL site: