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MX Frontiers at the One Micron Scale


Wednesday, July 22
Brookhaven Center (see map)
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm Informal Reception and Check-In at the Brookhaven Center (Brookhaven Center open until 10:00 pm)

Thursday, July 23
Hamilton Seminar Room, Chemistry, Building 555 (see map)
7:50 am Breakfast/Registration
8:20 am Welcome
Sam Aronson, Director, BNL
Scientific Opportunities
Chair: Chi-Chang Kao
8:30 am Life Sciences at NSLS-II
Wayne Hendrickson, Columbia University / BNL
Chair: Bob Sweet
9:10 am Adventures in Microcrystallography of Biological Specimens
David Eisenberg, Univerity of California, LA
9:50 am The Structures of the G Protein Coupled Receptors
Gebhard Schertler, MRC, Cambridge, UK
10:30 am Coffee / Group Photo
Crystallographic Methods
Chair: Qun Shen
10:50 am Femtosecond Crystallography of Protein Nanocrystals [view presentation]
John Spence, Arizona State University
11:30 am X-ray Powder Diffraction on Proteins [view presentation]
Irene Margiolaki, ESRF, Grenoble, France
12:10 pm Discussion (Moderator: Marc Allaire)
12:40 pm Lunch / Posters
Radiation Damage
Chair: Wayne Hendrickson
1:40 pm Radiation Damage - Minimising the Dose and Maximising the Signal [view presentation]
Colin Nave, Diamond Light Source
2:20 pm Microcrystallography and Mapping Radiation Damage with a 1-micron Beam at GM/CA-CAT [view presentation]
Robert Fischetti, Argonne National Laboratory
3:00 pm MLFSOM: Simulating the Diffraction Experiment on an Absolute Scale [view presentation]
James Holton, Advanced Light Source
3:40 pm Coffee / Posters
Chair: Chris Jacobsen
4:00 pm Parameters Affecting Crystal Lifetime in MX and Possible Radiation Damage Mitigation Strategies [view presentation]
Elspeth Garman, Oxford University, UK
Micro-Focusing Beamlines
4:40 pm Protein Micro-crystallography at the Swiss Light Source [view presentation]
Clemens Schulze-Briese, Swiss Light Source
5:20 pm Discussion (Moderator: Dieter Schneider)
6:00 pm Bus to Port Jefferson
6:30 pm Dinner at Port Jefferson Harbor Hill Country Club
8:00 pm Exploring Biological Matter with Micro- and Nanodiffraction
Christian Riekel, ESRF, Grenoble, France
9:00 pm Informal discussions

Friday, July 24
Hamilton Seminar Room, Chemistry, Building 555 (see map)
8:00 am Breakfast
Beamline Concepts
Chair: Soichi Wakatsuki
8:30 am The Evolution of the ESRF's Structural Biology Beamlines [view presentation]
Sean McSweeney, ESRF, Grenoble, France
9:10 am The I24 Microfocus MAD Beamline at Diamond Light Source
Gwyndaf Evans, Diamond Light Source
9:50 am Protein Micro-Crystallography with a Spring-8 Micro-Beam Beamline [view presentation]
Masaki Yamamoto, SPring-8 and RIKEN, Japan
10:30 am Coffee / Posters
Challenges in Optics and Instrumentation
Chair: Elizabeth Duke
10:50 am Kinoform Focusing Optics for Macromolecular Crystallography
Kenneth Evans-Lutterodt, NSLS / BNL
11:30 am Lessons Learned from K-B Mirror Based Microprobes
Antonio Lanzirotti, University of Chicago / BNL
12:10 pm Discussion (Moderator: Lonny Berman)
12:40 pm Working Lunch
2:00 pm Workshop Concludes